Petitions, Mailings, Causes

Help the Loris by signing one of the petitions below, or by printing and signing one of our postcards and sending it to the Indonesian embassy nearest you.

Sign the pledge to NOT support and encourage the illegal pet trade in slow lorises. Sign here.

Help to add a button to Facebook that allows users to tag animal cruelty and help remove illegal slow loris videos. Sign here

Help to ban illegal and cruel slow loris videos Sign here 

Stop the illegal trade of slow lorises in Indonesia – this petition targets slow lorises particularly

Print one of our postcards and send it to your nearest Indonesian embassy, or write a letter to the ambassador from various loris range countries telling him or her your feelings about illegal wildlife trade and how this impacts your attitude towards that country. Sadly we cannot print these for you. We have assembled a list of ambassadors for Indonesia (see below), valid as of Oct 2014.


Indonesian Ambassadors

2 thoughts on “Petitions, Mailings, Causes

  1. I hope that something can be done to stop poachers from taking these
    poor creatures from the natural habitat where they came!! There needs to be more strict laws and extremely high fines and prison time!

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