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We would love all the help you can give! The Little Fireface Project can only succeed in saving slow lorises via generous donations from concerned organizations & individuals.

 Donate to the slow loris fund

100% of your contribution will help protect the slow loris via supporting:

  • conservation education activities in slow loris range countries
  • field work on wild and reintroduced slow lorises
  • market surveys and law enforcement training initiatives
  • students to be able to study for Masters and PhD degrees to carry out these important studies with scholarships

An online donation system is accessible via Oxford Brookes University: please click here.

US and Canadian donors can help by sending donations payable by cheque with SLOW LORIS written on the back via the International Primate Protection League, IPPL, PO Box 766, Summerville, SC 29484, USA. They will then transfer funds to us here in the UK!

If you donate to IPPL online, please remember to tell them that the donation is for SLOW LORIS.

If you would like any other information, please get in touch.You can also write to us at:

Little Fireface Project
Professor Anna Nekaris
Oxford Brookes University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Little Fireface Project has received funding from the following organizations, whose generous donations allow us to continue our work to save the slow loris.


25 thoughts on “Help the Loris

  1. Anna,

    I just watched the doco on the slow loris featuring your research. I have never even heard of them before until today. I just want to let you know that you are doing amazing work. Without people like you, future generations would miss out on seeing these beautiful creatures.

    Thanks again for your work and i want to say that you have my support.

    Kindest Regards

  2. bonjour ANNA , je connais cette espèce , mais je ne savait pas qu’il étais venimeux , j’ai regarder votre reportage , votre émotion et votre dévotion pour ce petit être vivant est communicatif on nous montre l’indifférence des autoritées envers le trafic de cette espèce en GRAVE DANGER , j’ai été touché par votre sensibilitée , la mode est d’avoir à tout prix un nouvel animal de compagnie , “reptil , primate, , etc.. “j’ai entendu qu’en russie et en europe , les gens essaient de s’en procurer , comment nous ou moi peu t’on faire pour vous aider à interdir l’acquisition de cette animal magnifique .Continué votre conviction , pour le sauver et un jour votre pouvoir ,poussera ce gournement à faire protéger et sauvegarder le LORIS , votre nom , ANNA NEKARIS s’élèvera comme celui de DIAN FOSSEY avec les gorilles , je vous souhaite bonne route et bon vent ANNA ……MERCI. UGO

  3. Fantastique film ! Bravo ! Je suis photographe professionnel et suis à votre disposition .

  4. Keep doing this wonderful work to save these beautiful creatures.
    is absurd that local authorities do not do anything to help,someone had to make these “sellers” pass through the same things that these poor creatures are going thru!
    I will donate as soon as possible.
    From Brazil

  5. I have donated via Ptes. They suggest there is a petition to raise 5000 signatures which will help in the campaign to halt the Javan Loris pet trade. Where do I sign, please.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello Dr. Anna Nekaris…

    I just watched your docu-show, about the “Slow Loris”, and normally there is only one thing on the TV I hate more than docu-shows, and thats reality-shows, but your show came right after a movie I had captured on my harddiscplayer, and after the first two minutes of your show, I was sold, and I have never commented on a TV-show before, (and I have two reason why, the first, you just read, and the second is that I’m not very god at the English language, and that goes for both spelling & syntax, because its not my native language, not even my second, or third…, so I hope you can read what I’m saying her).

    As I said, I never commented on a docu-show before, but I was amazed, and I just wanted to say what a great show (yeah I know, its the docu there’s great, because the most of the actual story is sad), but I hope you will find the source to there survival in the wild after they have been in captivity, so that many more can survive, And I really hope that there will be a positive outcome to the story about the “Slow Loris”, so that maybe one day, one of our grandkids could be so lucky to have the chance of seeing a “Slow Loris” in the wild.

    But I had never heard the name “Slow Loris” before, but after watching your show, I think its what we in Denmark call a “Dovenabe”, and now to the funny part, if you translate that direct to English, then it becomes “Lazy-monkey”, but that name only fitted to the “Slow Loris” up to you started your research….. 😉

    And about the the youtube movies, there should be a world wide law against showing wild animals as pets, and not just the “Slow Loris”, all wild animals, or at least all the Endangered species, you know, just like you can’t advertise for cigarettes anymore, and thats almost world wide, then why couldn’t they do a more serious band on showing any wild animals as pets on TV & Internet, because if there isn’t a demand on the animal, then the supply maybe will dry up as well, just a thought…

    And I will end her, with just these word: many many thank for an amazing show, and all the best in the future.

    I’m really hope I made myself understandable…. :-)

    With Kind Regard
    Michael R.

    • Dear Michael
      Thanks so much for your kind words. We are really hoping that to we can put an end to exploitation of slow loris. We are trying to find the best way forward. Every letter like yours inspires us to do more. We can’t do it without knowing that there are also people in the world who care and want to save the loris (and other exploited creatures) too. with kindest regards, Professor Anna Nekaris

  7. dr i seen you show on the slow loris on 11/22/12 like many people iv never heard of them and sorry to use harsh words but what you showed in the market pissed me off i think them guys should be treated like they do the animals and i was woundring how the male you were trackin that was freed was doin and if you have found anything new out about the veneum thank you for you time and i hope to hear from ya

  8. I want to thank you for introducing
    ” The Slow Loris” to me as well as everybody else in the world, who’s never heard of these amazing creature’s !! God Bless You and your team, you’re do an awesome job! Keep your faith in human’s, I believe because of your hard work and efforts it will pay in the end. Your documentary has reached a huge audience therefor, before you know it you’ll find all kinds of organizations reaching out to people asking for help in saving The Slow Loris! You should be very proud of yourself and all you’ve done in order to save the lives of this awesome creatures! I’m excited to take part in helping your cause!!!
    Thank you again,
    Robyn Fort

  9. Its my dream as nuch as anyone in the little fireface project to end the exploitation of slow loris. However im studying tge expliutation of endangered species and in parts of the world such as asia, any form of income is essential for their own families abd themselves so i think its important to find different work source for the people of asia for them to see the slow loris illegal selling is not worth it or they may find more uncome from somewhere else. Of course i dont know if this can be achieved but its a thought.

  10. Hello Anna . I just seen your documentary and i have to say that it was verygood and very sad too. I can see why so many people would like to have a slow loris as a pet , as they are so very cute . People just dont see the bigger picture and what affect of owning one of these beautiful and misterious creatures will do to the slow loris’s survival in the wild . Why do the indonesian police turn a blind eye to the selling of the slow loris when they are protected ? . It would be so sad to think that the next generation of children will only get to see these beautiful animals in a museum and not on our tv’s on a wild live doc or in their natural enviorment .
    Keep up the brill work your doing Ann . Pierre from Ireland

  11. ive just watched your documentry and im disgusted at the exploitation of these and other beautiful creatures, keep up the good work i will be spreading the message and donating to your great cause, its people like you that balance out the vile humans in this world that think treating animals like this is acceptable, good luck!

  12. Dear Anna, I just watched the video ‘tickling slow loris – the truth’ and it made me incredibly upset. I don’t understand how people can treat animals without compassion like that.. I am ashamed to say that I watched the tickling loris video before and thought it was adorable: I didn’t know the backstory then. After this message, I will send you a donation. Thank you so much for doing this important work and I hope the beautiful lorises won’t become extinct like so many animals before them.

  13. Wanted to donate first, but “adopting” a lori with paypal was much easier, so I did this. It doesn´t really make a difference I hope. Thank you.

  14. Have just watched your documentary on the slow loris…such a beautiful creature . So sad how humans can be so cruel …have made a donation today …wish it could be more. Cannot believe how people just keep on destroying our amazing environments and the creatures…very upsetting but hopefully you can make a difference.

  15. Hello, I am trying to make a donation via the University link but it keeps giving me an error for my province …I am selecting the correct one. Just wanted to let you know.

    • Thanks for letting us know – the Oxford Brookes University server was down over the weekend – thanks very much though for your purchase through our Etsy shop!! x

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I have visited your Etsy Shop and purchased one of the children’s books. Thank you for all of the amazing work you are doing.

  17. and too. We have magazines and are active on pretty much every social media platform there is, so we can promote stuff easily. We’ve been long time supporters of the cause, and you guys ever since I found you.

    The cute little guy eating the rice ball and holding a fork, and looks kinda scared, was the first thing that opened my eyes to this sickening situation and I’ve been spreading awareness ever since.

    Anyway, I was wondering what are the main hashtags you guys use?
    And also a few people have asked me where percentages of the donation money goes and stuff like that and I had no idea what to say so I just gave your twitter handle. Do you guys have an answer? Or just direct them here or what?

    • Hiya! thanks so much! answers are under ‘help the loris’ in terms of funds – 100% of proceeds go to our project as we are very small! Indeed, even most of our products are made in Indonesia and supporting the local economy. Hashtags are #lfp #lorisland #lorisoftheday #lovesavestheloris – we also have #MediaMonday #LorisLiaisons #LittleLorises and #FactFriday…we have adoptions available for Christmas :-)

  18. Me entere de lo que hacen y es simplemente magnifico, por desgracia no tengo fondos para compartirlos aunque me encantaria y espero de corazon que puedan recaudar fondos para acomodar esto y todos podamos disfrutar de ellos.
    Un saludo👍

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