Welcome to the Little Fireface Project

Welcome to the Little Fireface Project, or “Proyek Muka Geni”, named after the Sundanese word for Javan slow loris. This project, headed by internationally recognised Professor Anna Nekaris, aims to learn more about all slow loris species, with a focus on the Critically Endangered Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) and to promote conservation at a local level.

Slow lorises are a unique group of nocturnal primates found throughout South and Southeast Asia. Their vice-like grip, snake-like movements, shy nature, and most remarkably, their venomous bite, make them unique amongst the primates. They also are, to many people, undeniably adorable, and to others, nature’s answer to over 100 diseases. Their slow movements make them easy prey to expert hunters who literally empty the forests of these shy primates – amongst the most common mammals seen in Asia’s illegal animal markets, but amongst the rarest spotted even in Asia’s protected forests.

The Little Fireface Project aims to protect lorises from extinction through research, education, and conservation. By studying their behavioural ecology and promoting this knowledge in our education programmes we aim to produce empathy and empowerment as well as help law enforcement. Our research has also led to international policy change and implementation of recommended conservation actions.

Here you can find information on all of our research, education curriculums, and ongoing conservation projects. You can also explore ways that you can help protect the loris through donations, activism, and volunteering with us! So welcome to the Little Fireface Project, we hope you’re as inspired as we are by these amazing creatures!