The Night Watch – Education – July 2015

There is a quote about graduation that has stuck with me ever since I was about to graduate from secondary school myself, and it’s one I’d like to share here in light of our recent experiences at the school in Cipaganti.

2015 Jun Vogely - Graduation (142)rs

The children got to dress up in typical graduation robes.

“Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference.”

The 17th of June marked the first graduation ceremony at Sekola Mi-Alhidayah. The staff at LFP was invited for this special event, and so Seóna, Katie, Rob, and myself made our way down to school and found ourselves in the middle of Pak Dendi’s opening speech. The day was packed full of activities from 7am until 4pm – ranging from speeches by staff, to performances put on by students, to food and balloons being sold around the school yard.

2015 Jun Vogely - Graduation (135)rs

The class of 2015

The main event was, of course, the graduation of the final year students. About twenty students got up on stage to accept a certificate and handshake from their teachers. It was an emotional moment for everyone – the school has only been open for a year and thus its first graduation ceremony marks a true success in sending these kids off to secondary school. Pak Dendi was spotted wiping a couple of tears as his son walked onto stage and gave his father a big hug. As for the LFP staff, we just all had something in our eye. Simultaneously.

2015 Jun Vogely - Graduation (60)rs

The children are all too happy to pose for some pictures!

The day continued with more performances, and the LFP mascots Bunga and Tereh also got their move on! After a fun and intense day, we made our way back to our house as we reflected upon the day. I, for one, am incredibly impressed with how much the school and its staff has done for the local community. It’s a privilege to be involved.

– Faye Vogely

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