Free downloadable resources

Here you’ll find our library of free downloadable resources.
These are all original creations by the LFP team that are intended for completely free distribution!  We highly encourage people to download, print, publish, post, and share these resources wherever they can.

Slow Loris Forest Protector International versions

Slow Loris Forest Protector in Bahasa Indonesia:

Slow Loris Forest Protector in Vietnamese:

Slow Loris Forest Protector in Greek:


Identification guide for Laos & Cambodia:

Loris species guide in Japanese:

Primate field guide for Laos:

Guide for care of lorises in zoos and sanctuaries:

Guide to feeding slow lorises in captivity:

Guide for placing camera traps:

Slow loris smuggling & ID after confiscation:

Brochures for rescue and realase

Loris reintroduction brochure:

Brochure for rescuing slow lorises in Indonesia:

How to report loris photo-props in Thailand:

Brosur 6 langkah untuk selamatkan kukang:

Printable posters and leaflets

The cruelty behind animal attractions:

Urge Facebook to create a “report animal cruelty” option:

Awareness tourist photo-props:

Ways to help slow lorises:


Download our Memes:

S.L.O.W. Archives

S.L.O.W. 2016:
Slow Loris Outreach Week-2016

S.L.O.W. 2015:
Slow Loris Outreach Week-2015

S.L.O.W. 2014:
Slow Loris Outreach Week-2014