New Videos to Counteract YouTube Horrors – Slow Loris


For many of us, slow lorises are cute. You can put them in a pile of garbage and they still look just that!! CUTE! So it is no wonder that a tortured overweight loris on a dirty pile of sheets essentially being tortured still looks, well, cute (according to some 17 million viewers at any rate)…

For non-experts, who cannot read the expressions of fear in the animals’ faces when they watch videos of pet lorises, who cannot tell how much bright light hurts their eyes, who cannot see how starving they are so they eat bananas and rice rather than their beloved gum and insects, who cannot see how desperate they are for a branch so they grab on to an umbrella, they are still that – CUTE. For us here at the Little Fireface Project, we see the demise of a beloved species for a senseless human gain.

To counteract this, we are introducing a series of videos of these gorgeous animals as they should be. With our rare access to footage of animals in the wild, we hope you can see just how fast the loris can be! How much the move! How many branches they need! How giant their pupils should be. How lovely their fur should look. That is why we film in red and infrared light, so the loris can behave naturally, not terrified by white lights. We hope you can see, as we have done, the real loris, and love them for what they really are.

3 thoughts on “New Videos to Counteract YouTube Horrors – Slow Loris

  1. Very good idea. The campaign needs a combination of positive (rewarding & educational cuteness) and negative (respectful reality-check comments).

    “I want one of those cute things to take care of” is hard-wired pretty deep into us, as it must be. The reality of human nature is that upping the cuteness will deliver a wider message. But once you have that, you can place it in a context of “What kind of person would imprison and harm this [human baby cuteness analogue]? Here’s what they need, and YOU can protect them!” Instead of the current YouTube message that “you should have one of your own.”

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