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The Little Fireface Project was founded in December 2011, but Professor Anna Nekaris has been studying lorises since 1994. Still just in the last several months, she and her team have made quite an impression. Here are some examples


Rampant Illegal Trade at China-Myanmar Border Threatens Rare Primate– Annamiticus reports on the rampant trade in slow lorises at the China-Myanmar border.

The cruellest coffee: student turns to crowdfunding to aid the exploited civet– Professor Anna Nekaris discussing the terrible trade in civet coffee, and how PhD student Peter Roberts is hoping to tackle it.

The Truth About These 3 ‘Cute’ Videos of Wild Animals Will Change the Way You View Captivity– One Green Planet shows the truth behind three of the most viral videos of “cute” animals.

Der Zoo Augsburg fördert Naturschutzfonds – Wir stellen sie vor | Heute: Little Fireface Project– Zoo Augsberg talks about why they are donating a portion of their entrance fees to the Little Fireface Project.

University Life: Defend these cute critters from the risk of extinction- Professor Anna Nekaris talks to the Oxford Mail about the risks facing the slow loris, and what the Little Fireface Project is doing to curb these risks, before the launch of the fourth Slow Loris Outreach Week.

Adorable pygmy slow loris born in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo– The Cleveland Sun Times reports on the great news of the borth of a new pygmy loris at Cleveland Zoo.

The Upsetting Truth Behind ‘Cute’ Slow Loris videos– The Huffington Post explains the cruelty behind the ‘cute’.

Great balls of fur! Northern giant mouse lemur has testicles so large that if the creature was a man they would be the size of a GRAPEFRUIT! – The Daily Mail reports on the discovery of the primate with the largest relative testes, the cousin of the slow loris, the Northern Giant Mouse Lemur!

A ‘night owl’! – A Borneo Post online reporter talks about his experiences of the slow loris.

Metroparks zoo aids campaign to save Asian primate -Why the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo are helping to save the slow loris.


Medicine use driving slow loris to extinction– The Myanmar Times reports on the threat the traditional medicine trade at the China-Myanmar border poses for the slow loris.

The only primate with a toxic bite might have evolved to mimic cobras– The Smithsonian Magazine considers the influence of mimicry in slow loris evolution.

Northern Giant Mouse Lemurs Have Enormous Testicles– IFLScience report on the significance of testes size for the mating system of the Northern Giant Mouse Lemur.

Did the world’s only venomous primate evolve to mimic the cobra? – Mongabay reports on the link between the slow loris and the cobra.

When cute turns deadly – Mongabay reports on a researcher’s surviving a slow loris bite!!


Run Loris Run! – Just one man running to save the loris!

World Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria – The LFP has been accredited as an official WAZA conservation project! In August, we were project of the month.

Saving the world’s cutest animal: interview on the LFP in Wanderlust


Cuteness curse! – slow loris videos fuel illegal animal trade – ABC News Nightline

Endangered for being cute – slow loris on Yahoo news

Nekaris and LFP win award ! the prestigious Lawrence Jacobsen Conservation Award goes to Nekaris and the LFP

Help to save the world’s only poisonous primate: in the Huffington Post

Scientific American – Should YouTube ban adorable videos?

Radio times: How YouTube fame is killing the slow loris

The Daily Mail: slow loris youtube sensation killing the slow loris

BBC News: world’s only venomous primate under threat from pet trade

The Guardian: on Jungle Gremlins of Java

BBC News: Warning over slow loris pet trade

Oxford Mail: Charting Fast decline of Slow Loris

The Week: BBC Wildlife Doc calls to ban YouTube slow loris clip

Strange Endangered Primates BBC – increasing awareness of unusual and threatened primates and the LFP

The Quietus: Slow Loris expert joins Aidan Moffat at Klub Guttenberg

This is Oxfordshire: Professor highlights loris’ plight

Icon Films: Jungle Gremlins of Java – films can make a difference

International Wildlife Film Festival: Award Winners – Jungle Gremlins of Java


The Independent: YouTube Fuels Trade in Endangered Species

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