All the videos below are also available at our Little Fireface channel on YouTube by clicking here!

The most important video is this one – when Prof Nekaris visits an illegal market in Java – please do watch Tickling Slow Loris – the Truth.

Here JoLoriJo and the team Live With the Gremlins

Also watch our Little Fireface Project Video – showing our team’s conservation work in Java!

Watch Prof Anna Nekaris interviewed by ABC Nightline’s Team about the illegal pet trade – Slow Loris: Endangered for being cute!

Watch the team and how they radio collar and release a loris in the wild!

You also do not want to miss Slow Loris – Jungle Poet or the Remix

If you still think those tickling and umbrella videos are cute, click on our links instead.

2 thoughts on “Video

  1. As I was watching a Youtube video my friend had posted of a Loris eating a riceball, I instantly fell in love with these creatures. Regardless of what anyone says, they are the cutest! Me and my curious mind, I decided I wanted to know more. That’s when I stumbled across Anna Nekaris’, “Little Fireface Project”. Don’t get me wrong, as I was watching the video of the loris eating a riceball, I instantly wanted one – who wouldn’t? I then started researching. Searching high and low on this site and others, I’ve come to realize that I would rather sponsor one of these cute little guys, then let them suffer in the hands of an everyday person. We all have good intent and I’m sure I’d be showing the little guy off if I had one of my own…but as you watch these videos you will come to learn that letting them live their lives where they are meant to be lived is the best thing you can do for them. I absolutely love this project and I wish I knew about it before! Thank you for doing what you’re doing Anna + team. My urge to help is through the roof, and I’m sure others who have watched these videos feel the same. If I could, I would jump into the computer monitor and try and help, but unfortunately, I cannot. Thank you for everything you’ve done and are doing. :)

  2. It really makes you put things in perspective. You can’t help but get emotional watching these. Thanks, again.

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