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If you are interested in Anna’s media and presenting work, or would like to book her as an inspirational speaker for an event, and would like any more information, then please contact her agent Jo Sarsby via her website

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3 thoughts on “Book Anna!

  1. A student in the eastern part of India and a member of our small club (Nature Club @ IISER Kolkata). I request Anna to give a talk on conservation in general to the students and teachers of our institute. Since we are a small group of curious students, we would be able to afford funds only for your stay but not travel :(
    Please let us know if you can give us a visit.

    with regards

  2. Hi,

    my name is mark and im coming from austria. (i have to excuse my bad english)

    i saw a documentation of you and the loris. (and more) and i cried like a little baby.. thats really terrible whats happening to this awesome, cute little animals.

    i wanted to send a request if there is a possibility to help or join your team.
    since im young it was my biggest dream to work with animals.
    im not that rich to change big things in the world, but im not dump and i know whats wrong and whats right and against what we have to fight!

    i could not donate much money.. im just 25 and lost my work 4 months ago..
    thats why im requesting to help in any other way!

    as i saw that market in indonesia.. i knew that i have to do anything.. if not with you, than i hope that we’ll meet anytime anywhere, to fight together against those cruel methods people using everywhere in the world just to have a little animal at home!

    i would send this request to any animal – helping organisation in the world, but i just send it to your team, because ive never seen such a cruel and terrible thing like this animal market in indonesia!
    and its heartbreaking to see this little primates and to know they are feeling nearly the same than human beings!

    my full name:

    Mark Pichler,
    Steinacherstraße 4, 9020 Klagenfurt (Austria, Carinthia)
    +43 660 22 4 00 06

    i hope i can help in any way! i would give up my life in austria to help animals in the world!
    nothing is holding me here, im young and i want to change the world! :)

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your passion, it really means a lot to us. Well here are a couple of things you can do if you really want to help: You can come and volunteer with us here and help us study the wild loris and do market surveys with us. This way you are directly in the action!
      Send us an e-mail at after looking at and tell us what you think.

      More importantly, if you see any youtube videos about pet slow lorises, please report them and comment on them letting everyone know how awful the lorises are actually being treated.

      Chat soon!

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