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The Jungle Gremlins of Java

Having premièred on 25th January 2012 on the BBC2’s Natural World and on the 20th of November on Walmart’s Frontier Earth on Animal Planet, a one-hour documentary dedicated to slow loris research and conservation produced by Icon filmsJungle Gremlins of Java brought the plight of the loris to nearly millions of viewers world-wide. JGOJ follows Prof Anna Nekaris, who has studied lorises since 1993, as she attempts to unravel the mystery of why slow lorises are venomous. At the same time she faces the horrific realities of one of the major conservation challenges facing slow lorises – the illegal pet trade. The film also highlights how ‘cute’ YouTube videos are impacting the conservation of these fragile primates.

We thank all of you for your kind comments about the emotional impact this film has had on you. It also has made its impact on the film community. In March 2012, it won overall MERITS for outstanding advocacy and animal behaviour, and also was accoladed in the Best of Category for Environmental and for Point of View at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. This was followed in February 2013 by the Award for Best Natural History Programme at the Royal Television Society Awards, West of England. In April 2013 Jungle Gremlins of Java picked up the Silver Hugo for Science / Nature Documentary at the 2013 Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards. What great news for spreading awareness of loris conservation. Our hearts are full!

BBC Wildlife magazine, February 2012.

The fantastic February issue of BBC Wildlife magazine – Lethal Loris – an article by Professor Nekaris about slow loris behaviour and conservation with photos by Wawan Tarniwan, Nabajit Das, Anna Nekaris and Richard Moore. this article was reprinted in the USA in BBC Knowledge magazine. Please note this is a proof and the image of two lorises was taken by Richard Moore and the image of the lovely stretching Bengal was taken by Nabajit Das.


BBC Wildlife magazine, 2001.

This isn’t the first time Anna has had an article in BBC Wildlife magazine. In 2001 her article ‘Forest Spooks’ describes the slender lorises that haunt the forests of India.

8 thoughts on “BBC and Animal Planet

  1. A true, and very moving account of the `human impact` on the animals and fauna we share the planet with.
    It is time for human beings to start realising the errors of their decadent ways, and begin to become responsible, and proud of the planet and its beauty that we all share.

    Well done Anna and the team

  2. Finally saw it on BBC Knowledge channel here in Jakarta this evening. It’s a shame that the whole show is not downloadable to show in schools here, because, as the scene in the ‘pet’ market demonstrated, it’s the local population which is need of educating about the importance of protecting species.

    I suggest that Jakarta Governor Jokowi and his deputy ‘Ahok’ be approached to deal with this horrific trade.

    • PS. I’ve just watched, and downloaded the YouTube ‘Little Fireface Project in Cipaganti’. Excellent, especially in its focus on local involvement.

      I’ll be posting this on and on my FB page, as well as my FB ‘Green Indonesia’ page.


  3. Dear Anna,

    I was one of those fools who wanted to buy a lorris and keep it home because of its overwhelming cuteness. I live in Kaliningrad,the most western part of Russia, so you could imagine what it would have turned out for a poor cute big eyd furryball.


  4. I`m writing this to say THANK YOU. After watching your program I realized that I don`t want to buy lorris, but I want to earn as much money as needed to buy myself a house where they live so that I could glimpsehunt them with the night vision camera. But since I don`t believe it is to happen soon – I would ask you to publish more live lorrises video, because – to be honest- I have never thought that mother nature is that wise.

    Your program is like a thriller unveiling ambidextrous nature of the creature layer by layer. And what seems cute to humans brings big furryballs to nerves.

    I believ Im not the only one right now who wants to see more video rather than purchasing the real lorris.

    But I have a question to you: I`ve heard that some people breed lorrises at home for pet purpose and sell them – is that possible? Because if know – you should check Russian web that is crowded with suggestions of “I sell domesticated lorrises that I breed home” type.

    Me and my fiance and my cat(scottish fold with big lorrises like eyes) would like to thank you for the work you are doing and ask for more video.

    P.S. Maybe if we fill the internet with as much imagery of a lorris as we can everybody would get over it- the same way it was with the Meerkats.

    • Thank you for your input. I hope they are scouring Russian web sites for the breeders and closing them down!

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