Species Fact Sheet!

Download your Top Trumps Species Fact Sheet!

3 thoughts on “Species Fact Sheet!

  1. Hello
    I’m french and yesterday night i’ve seen your documentary about Loris . I would like to wish you good luck and all my consideration for your work. Humans are too cruel to animals, I hope people will think before buying species in degradation pathways for personal satisfaction.
    Regards .
    Isolina from France .

    • Dear Isolina, Thank you so much for your lovely comments a month ago…it is not only heartening to have such comments, but also to hear from someone with my own name which is so rare in my country, as my name is actually Anne-Isola!

  2. Hey guys,
    I like the idea to Save the loris. Im from Germany and ive Never heard about someone who own a loris but i Know germans Love their cutness. I Found your page Today and signed and will everybody Tell. I have no Facebook but ill Ask my Sister to publish your Website. Thanks alot for your work

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