Little Firefaces

The name Little Fireface comes from the Sundanese name for slow loris – muka geni. In other languages, loris means thin one, wind monkey (both in Sumatra and Thailand),  forest baby, and the shy one.

Eight slow loris species  are currently recognised with a huge diversity out there! They are found from the Northeast of India to the Philippines. Download our id guide here. Two closely related slender lorises are found in India and Sri Lanka. Many more species are likely to be discovered.

The table below shows their distribution and body weight ranges; information on Borneo’s three new slow loris species are shown on that page – please be patient while we update this one!

Loris lydekkerianus Mysore slender loris South India; Sri Lanka 225-320
Loris tardigradus red slender loris Sri Lanka 105-170
Nycticebus bengalensis Bengal slow loris Burma, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam 1140-2100
N. coucang greater slow loris Sumatra, peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore 635-850
N. javanicus Javan slow loris Indonesia (Java) 750-1150
N. menagensis Bornean slow loris Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia 265-800
N. pygmaeus pygmy slow loris Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam 360-580

3 thoughts on “Little Firefaces

  1. Just saw this on Exmoor Zoo’s FB page – nice little plug – hopefully seen by a huge amount of people :-)

    ‘Thank you Julie and Shaldon Wildlife Trust For an excellent BIAZA regional educators meeting. Now we know where the sun has been hiding! Good to see Newquay zoo, Living Coasts, Paignton Zoo, National Marine Aquarium and Dartmoor zoo. We enjoyed the tour, lunch and the warmth! Thankyou Julie for the passionate talk about Professor Anna Nekaris “Little Fire Face” Project. Have a look its an eye opener! .

  2. Can you please clarify this information? It says there are 8 species, and you have eight pictures, but below the pictures you only mention 7 species and characteristics. It would be useful to match the species name with the images. Cheers!

    • Hello! It provides a link to the page with the three new species under Borneo’s new lorises.

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