Borneo’s New Lorises

Perhaps our biggest news of 2012 came in December, when our 2013 paper describing three new species of Bornean lorises made an early bird appearance! This paper was picked up not by one or two or three, but over 400 science and news outlets world-wide, allowing the world to learn about the wonderful slow loris!! Enjoy these images and map to learn more about the species. Please support the wonderful work of Ch’ien Lee by purchasing prints of two of the new species at




Read more about the research and our fabulous co-authors Prof Susan Ford of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Anna’s MPhil graduate, Rachel Munds, now a PhD student at University of Missouri Columbia.

We have been on 100s of web sites! Some key press links about the work are:

New Species of Borneo’s Enigmatic Primate Discovered: Kayan Loris Has a Toxic Bite

New Primate with Face Mask & Toxic Bite Discovered

New species of cute but venomous primate discovered in Borneo

Primate species: new slow loris found in Borneo

Global cuteness increased by discovery of new loris

Venomous primate discovered in Borneo

2 thoughts on “Borneo’s New Lorises

  1. Until recently, I had never heard of the Slow Loris. I found a video of them on YouTube and thought they were adorable animals. However, I also found a link about Dr. Nekaris while watching those videos. I was QUICKLY angered after reading what she had to say about the videos and the Lorises!! I should specify that I was angered at those that capture & sell the Lorises… NOT Dr. Nekaris. I was appalled, to say the least, when I found out what happens to these delicate primates!! The fact that they rip their teeth out, makes me sick. They have those teeth to protect themselves from people like POACHERS!!

    I am very much a supporter of Dr. Nekaris. I think she is doing some absolutely great work!! This woman DESERVES the Nobel Prize & many other awards for her efforts & studies. She deserves it more than Barack Obama!! I don’t know much about the Doctor at this point, but I’m trying to educate myself on ALL of her work. I love knowing that another animal lover is out there trying to make a difference…. and doing one hell of a job at it!! Dr. Nekaris DESERVES the Respect and Attention of the entire World. It’s people like her that will ensure that we have these animals forever. Without people like Dr. Nekaris, animals will continue to become Extinct because of the Ignorance & Carelessness of Mankind.

    I Wish Dr. Nekaris All The Success In The World!!!

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