Jungle Gremlins of Java Wins Royal Television Society Award!

Our beloved gremlins have done it again! We are so happy that the hugely prestigious panel at the Royal Television Society were able to see the merits of slow loris ecology and conservation, as Jungle Gremlins of Java has won the Award for Best Natural History Programme at this year’s Royal Television Society Awards, West of England. Beating the hugely eminent Attenborough`s Ark: A Natural World Special and The Dark: Nature`s Nightmare World, slow lorises have at last triumphed.
The programme was produced by Icon Films for BBC Natural World. It was directed by Steve Gooder and edited by Rupert Troskie with music by William Goodchild. The programme’s presenter was Dr Anna Nekaris.
For full details of the programme, please see HERE.

2 thoughts on “Jungle Gremlins of Java Wins Royal Television Society Award!

  1. Please save the slow loris of Indonesia. Ask the help of famous celebrities of Hollywood and Bollywood, India to spread the awareness of their plight. Also mention it on BBC and CCN news. Let people help them around the world. Please let me know their latest position.

  2. Please save the slowllorise of Indonesia. Ask celebrities of Hollywood, and Bollywood, India to spread the word of their plight. Mention it on BBC and CNN news. Let people around the world help in removing the captive lorises advertisement from Youtube. Please inform me about the same.

    Brunila, Goa India 13-5-2013 11.30 am

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