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These beautiful handcrafted Loris gifts are now available to buy! Each one is handmade in our village in Cipaganti by woodcarver Amank and his family, and thus everyone is different, just like every loris. By purchasing a necklace, you support not only our projects but provide a valuable income to Amank, who you can see carving some loris items here. The lengths of the necklaces vary, but fit over an adult’s head, and can be made smaller by pulling strings and tying them, so they can also fit a child.

From Angie Price: “I just got … one of Amank’s absolutely *beautiful* necklaces! It is such a gorgeous piece, please let him know what wonderful work he is doing and how much he is appreciated; I will treasure this necklace.”


Loris 'Body' Necklace

Beautiful handcrafted wooden Loris ‘body’ necklace

Loris 'Head' Necklace

Beautiful handcrafted wooden Loris ‘thorn’ necklace; on a jagged background unlike the board pictured here

Slow loris forest protector

Anna’s Very Own Book available to buy here now!

Slow loris socks

They are size 37-40 comfortably – but have stretched to a 43! Flamin’ hot :-)


Single Scarf in Brown/Aubergine/Beige


Single Scarf in Aubergine/Chocolate Brown


Single Scarf in Orange/Red

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9 thoughts on “Loris Gift & Wood Craft Shop

  1. Could you please let me know when the latest “loris, head necklace” will be available to purchase. I saw them on your facebook page but they don’t seem to be on your webpage.

  2. Hello!
    I have just paid for a Loris adoption via Paypal with delivery to the UK. If at all possible could this be sent in a plain envelope please? Its a Christmas suprise for my Beloved, who is just crazy to help the Loris’ (as am I) but if he gets to the post first and it has ‘Loris’ anywhere on the envelope it may give the game away! :-)
    Thank you in advance, and thank you for all your wonderful work!

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