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Support the Loris by Purchasing One of Our Little Fireface Products!

100% Profits Go Directly to Projects that Help to Save the Slow Loris

Don’t forget to visit the adoption, woodcraft/gift, and tshirt pages too!

2014 slow loris calendars

can be purchased through this link (they are indeed 2014, but 3 pages of A3)


Slow loris head bandanas/ handkerchiefs

  • 100% cotton; 50 cm x 50 cm; please handwash as dye may run!
  • large squares: suitable as handkerchiefs, bandanas, wall hangings, or sew two together to make a cushion!
  • £5.20 each
  • one set of all three designs 3 for £12.40 (this offer is only available if ordering one of each design)

Buy Now:

Single Scarf in Brown/Aubergine/Beige:
Single Scarf in Aubergine/Chocolate Brown:
Single Scarf in Orange/Red:

All Three Scarves:

31 thoughts on “Little Fireface Shop

  1. I would like to buy an XL men’s, short sleeve T-Shirt. What is postage to Australia and can I buy via PayPal, please?

    • Dear Brenton, It should be £3.16 but this is clearly a glitch, so just go ahead and order it on the ‘normal’ postage. I am lacking the technology to be able to work out how to change it for international purchases. I would rather you get your shirt sooner :-)

      • Thank you. I have purchased the T-Shirt. I will be donating again soon, so that will make up for the postage. Also, I will be ordering some of the handkerchiefs for Christmas presents. Great to support your work.

        • Thanks Brenton! We will be visiting Australia for our venom work (Queensland) in fact Jo will be there soon. Would be lovely to meet!

  2. I would like to purchase 2 t-shirts, will you ship to the US? If so, what is the est. charge? Thank you

    • Hi Jill at the moment please just pay the £3.00 for the shipping. It turns out it costs £5.50, but I have not got the facility to be able to charge that! I would rather be able to send them to you if you are able to pay via Paypal :-) you can also email me direct via Paypal if you wanted at and add the extra £2.50…I work it out as $58.50!

  3. Have just received my Tee Shirt and am really pleased with it, the quality is top notch! :-) Service was fantastic too with emails advising on status, payment and receipt number and very quick delivery – highly recommend!

    Will you be doing any Christmas cards? :-) Thanks again – Julie xx

  4. Hello, I’d like to order a women’s xl short sleeve. I live in the US. I’d also like to put in an addition donation of $50 US on top of the cost of the shirt & shipping, is this possible? Thanks!

  5. what would be the shipping cost to the US zipcode 60304? i would love to order one and support the cause

  6. Hi
    I would like a women’s skinny fit short sleeve in small but I live in France. Who much is it and could I pay by paypal.

      • Thank’s
        When you say ladies sizes are very fitted and run small it is really small because normaly I wear 36 in european sizes so do I need to order s or xs.

        • Hello! the small is a 36, Medium is a 38…It is just that they are fitted. So if you like t-shirts loose fitting, I would go for a size larger. We had several girls here try them, and they all fit their ‘normal’ size, but they are, well skinny fit!! :-) The men’s are the opposite – very loose, so plenty of space between skin and t-shirt. With the ladies, they are basically against your skin…

  7. I just got my shirt today (XS skinny fit long sleeve) and I love it! My coworker might order one now, and if she does, I’ll order another one too!

    It took about 2 weeks to ship to the U.S. but it’s worth the wait!

    • That is soooooooooooooooo nice! Just wait til you see our TOTALLY adorable slow loris Christmas cards :-)

  8. Thanks for my t-shirt, which arrived today – can’t believe how quickly it shipped! Love it, can’t wait to wear it and spread the message here in Canada :-)

  9. I would really like to purchase one of the stuffed animal slow loris toys shown in the picture. I have a different style one from another company named Mister Malu Fizzgig, and he needs a brother. I’d like to get a small men’s t-shirt and a bandanna too, but could you please point me in the direction of that stuffed one? Your work truly warms my heart. Something about these animals resonates with me on a very deep and spiritual level, and I’m thrilled to be moving to a city that has a pair in their local zoo that I can go sketch and stare at. Thanks!

  10. Seconded on the stuffed loris. As the animals get more publicity, stuffed loris toys with the right packaging could raise money AND make a big difference to awareness!

    • have written to a company to see if they would support us by making toys that actually LOOK like lorises :-)

  11. I totally love the design you have on the back of the shirts, when your shop reopens I hope you have a shirt with that large design on the front rather than the back, some of us like to have the big graphic on the front of the shirt :) Also the kerchiefs look amazing, I need to think of something I could put them on, perhaps sew them on to a reusable shopping bag? :) Anyway goodluck and hopefully we can purchase stuff by next month to help support your awesome work!

    • We are coming up with a totally new design on the front…There are many reasons for design on the back – so people can read it without staring at you! :-) and because it stretches on the front and unflattering too…new design should be better for the front…kerchiefs are great for pillow cases, wall hangings and bag is great idea…

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