Wildlife trade

loris_cageThe illegal wildlife trade is a major threat for many endangered species. It includes anything from insects, reptiles, amphibians or mammals. It concerns both live and dead specimens and even products made from wildlife or wild plants. This traffic of thousand of species has reached unprecedented scales, and might represent more than 20 billion USD per year. Some species such as slow lorises are collected in the wild to be sold as pets. Monitoring the illegal wildlife trade is a complex but necessary task.

The LFP team is documenting the trade of protected species by conducting market surveys in different locations on the island of Java. The information collected is used to help law enforcement and empowerment.

Sign the pledge to NOT support and encourage the illegal pet trade in slow lorises. Sign here.

For more information on the illegal wildlife trade and to view recent publications on the matter, please visit Vincent Nijman’s website here! Or contact us directly at:  info@littlefireface.org