Welcome Baby Tahini!


After a very difficult selection process, we welcome to our loris family baby TAHINI, the baby of mama TEREH, who is still wearing Tahini like a belt when she picks her up near sunrise. Congratulations to Matilda Lefever for choosing such a splendid name. For those of you that don’t know, Tahini is the sesame paste used in the middle eastern dish hummous, and is JUST the colour of a grown-up Javan slow loris.

We had such a difficult time choosing the baby loris name and it came down to a shortlist of names that would have some resonance with our Indonesian team, and then selecting out of a hat!!! And we think those in the hat are going to be saved for future baby lorises too so don’t be surprised if you entered the competition that you get a certificate in the post sometime soon. Well let’s hope so anyway because the more baby lorises we have the more babies we can name!!

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