Vital Loris Research in Indonesia


Ibu Teti with Javan slow loris

Prof Nekaris and Ibu Teti at LIPI nocturnal primate facilities in 2006

Ibu Wirdateti is a member of the Little Fireface Project, and our counterpart at LIPI or the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Teti is a mammal researcher in the Zoological Museum Bogor and Indonesian Institute of Sciences, with a focus on nocturnal primates (slow lorises and tarsiers). She has worked on slow lorises (Nycticebus sp.) since 1997  and tarsiers since 2002. Her Masters degree was on genetics and distribution of slow lorises in Indonesia. Apart from genetics, she has been working on distribution and ecology of these primates as well as breeding of slow lorises and tarsiers in captivity. Her research has taken her to West Java (Nycticebus javanicus), South and East Sumatra (N. coucang and Tarsius bancanus), Central and South Kalimantan (N. menagensis and T. bancanus) and then Sulawesi (Tarsius tarsier) to carry out surveys of these little-known primates. Read her research here! Genetic diversity of the slow loris

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