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In Cikananga Animal Rescue Centre everybody is worried about finding ways to make the life of the animals better as living in captivity is not the ideal situation for them. When Tara and I (Anna Zango) arrived at the animal rescue centre we decided that we wanted to contribute to this cause. Tara had the amazing idea of collecting some gum from trees in Cipaganti and to take it to Cikananga where the lorises had not eating gum for some months. We decided to make some paper rolls with gum inside and hang them in different places on the cages so the lorises had to move around to eat it.

Do you think they liked it? Well, they loved it!

They ate the gum of almost every single roll.

Infant loris learning to gauge gum in Cikananga

Infant loris learning to gauge gum in Cikananga

Loris playing with enrichment

Loris playing with enrichment

Anna Zango Cikananga 3

We also had the idea of making some holes in plastic bottles and put the food there so the lorises had to make an effort to obtain their food. It was very successful and they were very excited about the bottles: instead of the 5-10 min that they normally spend eating, they had at least 30min of entertainment with the bottles! We are very happy that we could help these amazing animals and contribute to help enrich their lives.


Anna Zango Cikananga 4

Anna Zango
volunteer Little Fireface Project

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