The Nightwatch – Meet the Team: Laura – February 2016

My name is Laura, I am the new Field Station Coordinator at The Little Fireface Project. I started studying primates during my undergraduate degree in Anthropology, before going on to work at a primate rehabilitation and release centre in Africa. I did field research on both wild and released troops to determine the success of the release to better prepare centres for future releases. I went on to work as a manager on a wildlife and ecology research project in Costa Rica – an incredible place for wildlife, in animal care, and admin.

The Little Fireface Project is a wonderfully multifaceted project that incorporates both long and short term field projects, education, outreach, social media and agroforestry, alongside a strong base in the UK. The pride that the project works to promote of the lorises in the local community is another huge success of the project so far. It was this involvement in so many key areas of conservation that attracted me to the project, and I aim for my varied background to compliment this over the next year!

Laura P