The Nightwatch – Meet the Team: Julia – February 2016

Hi all! My name is Julia Koncelik, and I am from USA. I have been at LFP for about a month now and am loving it! I came here to assist one of the Ph.D students, Katie Reinhardt, with her research on the energetics of the slow loris. Conicidently, Katie and I are from the same small town back in the states! I noticed how cool Katies work seemed to be and decided to check it out for myself. Now first hand, I can honestly say it is awesome!

I started my academic career by earning my associates in Applied Science at SUNY Delhi, then earning my veterinary technician license. I had been working in the states for a few years as a licensed veterinary technician in emergency medicine while I continued to get my bachelor’s in Biology at Binghamton University in New York. My true passion is to become a wildlife field veterinarian.  Working with LFP is a great place to get hands on experience in the field! My time here will be short, only 2 months in total, but I plan on making every bit count!

Julia P