The Nightwatch – Loris Liaisons – February 2016

Contrary to our beliefs, the Cipaganti Baby Boom is nowhere near finished as each of our loris pairs currently has a baby! This will most certainly improve our knowledge of infant development and dispersal of slow lorises—a topic we virtually know nothing about. In addition to being ecstatic over the growing population of a Critically Endangered species, the LFP team is also excited to see how this will all tie into our current research projects. Closely following the developmental stages of lorises throughout their life history will allow: undergraduate researcher Dan Geerah (Cardiff University) to expand his research on loris vocalizations and social systems; DPhil researcher (Oxford Brookes University) Stephanie Poindexter to further understand cognitive development and mental mapping; and myself (DPhil researcher Katie Reinhardt) to expand my research on loris energetics in additionally looking at variation in females, throughout their gestation and postnatal periods.

2015 December Geerah - Baby One-Eye in tree (3)

One-Eye’s baby looks particularly fluffy as she sits in a Kalliandra tree.

Furthermore, our focal lorises have recently been seen spending an awful lot of time with unknown lorises, both adults and babies! It seems likely there will be a loris Soap Opera in our future.

Needless to say, it has been a great start to the new year for LFP. With so many researchers collaborating at the field site during such an exciting time, we’re all swelling with excitement, as we are constantly thinking up more complex questions and hypotheses about these elusive primates with each day.

  • Kathleen Reinhardt, PhD candidate