The Nightwatch – Events – February 2016

Proud to Love Lorises

January saw our annual Pride Day, proudly hosted by Little Fireface Project. This year’s Pride Day consisted of a large football and volleyball tournament leading up to the festival itself on January 16th. On the day itself, we started off really early at 6am to go put the finishing touches on the decorations at the football field. In the mean time, our boys Dan and Danny dressed up as lorises in our mascot outfits to go greet the local children at the Mi-Alhidayah school.

The children and loris mascots assemble at the school

As Public Relations officer, the festival was largely my responsibility, which also included giving an opening speech. After I stood on stage nervously welcoming everyone and telling them to enjoy the games, I could finally relax as everyone went to enjoy activities such as sack races, Frisbee, traditional dance and music, and the Panjat Pinang. Panjat Pinang consists of a large bamboo pole covered in grease and soap, with prizes at the top. The first to make it to the top wins the main prize!

Not for the weak! Climbing the Panjat Pinang is very challenging, but the rewards are good!

The day was continued with the final of the volleyball tournament, which saw almost everyone in the village attend! Tensions were high during the women’s final, as the teams were very closely matched. The men’s final was also a close call, but at the prize ceremony everyone was smiling and taking pictures with our loris banners.

2016 Jan Aconk - Pride Day (430)

The winning volleyball teams pose with the LFP team.

All in all, it was a great day which saw many people learn more about the project, the team, and lorises. We look forward to the next year!

  • Faye Vogely, Public Relations & Outreach Officer