The Night Watch – Meet the Team: Helmi Romdhoni – July 2015

10365588_697477273623047_5098521359112789308_oHelmi is from the State University of Jakarta. He joined LFP in intern program for one month (July-August). He ha some experience with some diurnal primates like the crab-eating macaque Macaca fascicularis, but he thinks there’s a lot people already know about them. He is excited to learn more about nocturnal primate because not they are so little-known (such as behavior, activity, and habitat). The first time Helmi got interested in nocturnal primates was when he lead the discussion about the Sangihe island tarsier Tarsius sangirensis in his Primates Study Group at his Department. After that, he fell in love with nocturnal primates (especially the Tarsiidae). Beside his focus with primates, he also has some experience with insect-collecting methods, plant collecting and herbariums, and wildlife photography.  He hopes that after his stay in LFP, he can share information and experience about nocturnal primate with other people, as well as finish his report.

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