The Night Watch – Meet the Team: Faye Vogely – July 2015

10847970_625593677552812_3897504816339895238_nFaye is the new Public Relations and Outreach Officer for LFP. She holds an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Conservation, and an MSc in Animal Behaviour. Over the years she’s worked with different species of primate, such as marmosets, bushbabies, and gorillas. Having done her MSc research on the nocturnal bushbabies, Faye is keen to continue work with nocturnal primates, whilst educating the public on these fascinating creatures. As PROO her days consist of keeping the public up to date on our work here via social media. It also involves working with the local community, teaching at the local school, and keeping contact with other institutions interested in lorises. The job is the most varied one she has had so far and keeps her on her toes. Keep tuning in on social media to see what else she might be up to!

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