The Night Watch – Meet The Team: Bagus – June 2015

Meet The Team: Bagus

Hello, My name is Bagus Herda Saputra.

I come from Bekasi. I’m studying at University State of Jakarta. I am a major of Biology. As a Biology major I am a member of KSP that studies primates. We often participate in observations on weekends in the suaka marga muara angke and protected forest muara angke. Usually, mainly observing long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis). So, it’s fun.

I love nature and now I get to study it. Furthermore, I also like to photograph nature. At the moment I am in West Java with the Little Fireface Project. The scenery and environment here is very nice and the residents are very friendly. I’m here as a volunteer for a month with my friend named Nita.

My purpose in coming here is to learn as much as possible about the behavior and activity of the Javan slow loris because the animal is very unique.

In the village there is a house where Little Fireface Project researchers and volunteers stay. Every day we have a busy schedule from morning until night. The activities begin at 09:00 am and ends at 05.00 am the next day. Our activities include loris observations, where we are accompanied by a local tracker. They assist of tracking the radio collar signal and ensure we are safe. Besides observations, there is conservation education regarding lorises for elementary school children around our region. Nita and I also assist with catching insects using a light trap. This week I also began assisting with presence/absence surveys, where we survey fragments looking for wildlife. I also helped with camera trap collection.

The research shifts are planned a week in advance and this has really helped me look at research shift management.

During my stay here it has been good to exchange ideas and share experiences because volunteers come from all over the world, I am very happy to be able to learn about lorises but I have also learned other things from my friends who come from abroad like Lewis, Chris and Jessica they come from England and our teachers Mrs.Sharon, Mr. Micheal, who teaches me about the animals and Mr. Francis. I feel very fortunate and I try to learn as much as possible.

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