Slow Loris Flame Tees Now Available


Our new Flame Tees have arrived!

Sizes and styles available are:

Long Sleeve Hoody Tshirts – £21.50
sm (5), m (0), l (2)

Short sleeve skinny fit – £15.50
Black sm (3), m (0), lg (2)
flame red sm (3), m (1), lg (4)

Men or Women

Regular fit: 15.50
Short sleeve tshirts
black sm (3) md (1) lg (2)
burgundy sm (2) md (1) lg (0)


Size 2-3 (1)

Size 3-4 (2)

Size 5-6 (2)

Size 7-8 (2)

Postage & Packing:

£2.20 UK
£3.40 Europe
£5.20 USA/Canada
£6.70 Australia/ Asia

Our Flame Logo was designed by Helga Schulze. It is to represent the plight of the loris, be it perishing due to burning of forest for oil palm, burning in the hot streets when being sold as a pet, or burning in the bright lights of someone’s living room when forced to live as a pet. All shirts glow in the dark! The saying is in Indonesian and English – Don’t Let Me Vanish.

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