Slow Loris Conservation Centre in Japan


It’s Slow Loris Outreach Week, here in Japan, too!

In the past 10 years, Japan Monkey Centre (JMC) accepted more than 20 pygmy slow lorises confiscated at airports in Japan. This year, we built new pygmy slow loris facility, named “Slow Loris Conservation Centre”, inside of our zoo.

The goal of the facility is to improve the lives of both captive and wild lorises by becoming a platform to connect human and lorises. Combined efforts of zoo staff and researchers, we are trying to understand their nature, improve their living environment and raise awareness about lorises among zoo visitors. Currently, we are in the process of introducing the lorises to new enclosure and checking their reaction.

Loris in new enclosure

Soon after their translocation into the new enclosure, the lorises were cautious and very slow to explore their new home… But now they are so active and often quick to move! We are also working hard to modify their physical, social and feeding environment to match their needs.

We strongly wish these beautiful animals will not be exploited any longer and we hope we can support their conservation through our ongoing activities!