Steps to reporting online animal abuse content

By reporting animal abuse online when you see it, you can help conservation efforts to save the slow loris! Did you know that in a recent survey, 55.9% of respondents stated that they didn't know how to report animal abuse on social media? As well, 48.4% stated that they believed that reporting animal abuse on social media wouldn't make a difference. Well, it can!

Below you'll find a step by step guide to reporting these abusive videos and content depending on the online platform.  Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to report abusive Facebook videos that are directly uploaded. The Facebook steps below refer only to videos that are linked to another hosting site.

So please help us help the lorises and become conservation heroes by reporting dangerous online content as soon as you see it!

Click on "V" in top right corner of post

"I don't want to see this"

"I don't think it should be on Facebook"

"It advocates violence or harm towards a person or animal"


underneath the video


"Violent or repulsive content"

"Select one >
Animal abuse"