Official Trailer for Jungle Gremlins of Java


Posted on 24/01/2012


The official trailer for The Jungle Gremlins of Java, to be screened on BBC2 tomorrow night, is now available to view on the BBC homepage!  The film features Dr Anna Nekaris and her research into the truly unique slow loris in Java – click the poster to watch it now.

Remember to watch the full programme in all its glory at 8pm, 25th January, and on BBC iPlayer for one week afterwards, and please spread the link to everyone you know… it promises to be one of the best Natural World episodes ever…


Sue Luce on 30/01/2012 at 20:38 said

I cannot hide my disgust and rage at these people who can treat animals with such cold bloodied callousness.  I have long been against and abhorred the trade of exotic animals between countries to enable people who want to own the latest craze in pets have their wishes fulfilled to the detriment of a living creature.  There is not a single place in Asia that I would wish to visit, in my opinion if they cant eat it they will sell! never a thought about endangered species and the ecological and environmental damage they cause.  I don’t care if the excuse is that they are poor, I could not, no matter how poor, threat an animal or other human being (human rights not good either) in the way they do with impunity.

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