Gunvald at the Mongol rally


This is Gunvald the slow loris and Knut the polar bear. They are living in Norway.

This summer Gunvald brought is friend and went on a big adventure with his owner Stine-Mari and her friends Suzie and Peter. In UK he met Alfred the Alien, who also wanted to join Team Konfjuzd. Together they did the Mongol Rally; in 6 weeks they drove more than 30 000km and visited 26 countries.

They started at a nice beach in Farstad by the Atlantic Ocean and drove all the way to the Pacific..and back. On his way he met many new friends..few of them had ever seen a loris before. He was happy to tell his new friends about lorises, the LFP and the amazing job they do to save lorises on Java. He also got to see many famous sites, like the Great wall of China, Stone henge, the dinosaurs of Erenhot (Inner Mongolia), eating super sweet grapes in western China, and much more.

The Mongol Rally is a charity race, and Team Konfjuzd managed to raise 700GBP for Little Fireface Project. Gunvald is really happy about that! He hopes that one day he will have the chance to go back to Java and see how the money was spent, and meet other slow lorises. Gunvald is now back in Norway, he believes he is the most travelled slow loris on the planet… And he might be right!