Loris Woodcraft


At all our Little Fireface Project events, you can purchase items hand-made in Cipaganti by our local carver Amank, whose handiwork you can also see in ‘Don’t Let me
.’ A carver by profession, Amank typically makes cabinets, floors, and even carves beautiful knife handles for the villagers’ machetes, but he is now producing small loris art.
Working with his family, who help him paint and package the lorises, Amank has designed
key rings, loris ‘dangles’, bracelets, magnets, necklaces, and even a loris sacred kris!

Every item is lovingly hand-made and unique. The smaller items are carved with surprising
speed then painted over a period of two days, whereas the necklaces, bracelets and
knives take several days. Via supporting Amank’s work, it is just one way LFP supports the villagers of Cipaganti. Amank’s necklaces can be purchased via our online shop here, or via adopting one of our lorises.

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