Loris Predator Reaction


This week with Nanda Grow I have started an amazing new project that seeks to discover the reaction of lorises when a predator is near. In order carry it out Nanda has recorded the sounds of different predators, including owls, eagles and orang-utans, and we are going to compare the behaviour of lorises before and after playing these sounds. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Then let me explain how our first trial went! After an intense and successful capture night, we had some extra time and we opportunely found an uncollared loris. So Aconk, Nanda and I decided to carry out the first experiment. The loris was calmly foraging in a tree, but once we played the recording of an eagle call, he quickly went down the tree and moved to an area covered with lots branches: he was being more cryptic! As we couldn’t see him very well, we don’t know if there was any venom-response. Let’s see if the next time we are luckier! Don’t worry, I will keep you updated!

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