Flower - £25/£55

Watch this adorable little boy grow up!

Standard Adoption (UK) - £25

DELUXE Adoption (UK) - £55

Lia- £25/£55

Lia represents the sick, injured and captured lorises that come our way!

Standard Adoption (UK) - £25

DELUXE Adoption (UK) - £55

OneEye - £25/£55

This tough lady shows us exactly how she survives when there is no forest left!

Standard Adoption (UK) - £25

DELUXE Adoption (UK) - £55

Loris Adoption

 Support the Little Fireface Project by adopting one of our wild lorises or helping with a sick or injured animal that needs care. Your donations pay for aspects such as emergency cages, medicines for sick and injured animals, transport to bring animals to rescue centres, tracker salaries, radio collars, and education materials.

Adoptions last for one year. Your standard adoption pack will include a personalised certificate, photograph, description of your animal, subscription to the Little Fireface Project newsletter, and a slow loris present that varies from pack to pack, all for £25. Deluxe adoptions include all of the above plus a post card from our team, a sticker and a slow loris tote bag, for £55.  IF THE ADOPTION IS A GIFT PLEASE NOTE TO WHOM IT SHOULD BE MADE OUT IN THE MESSAGE TO SELLER BOX ON PAYPAL.

Our gifts vary based upon availability. In general, our adoptions will include our newly designed slow loris cuddly toy, or one of a range of our hand-carved slow loris items; for standard adoptions, this is a key ring or magnet and for deluxe adoptions, this is an item of jewellery. Your gift will be chosen from the range available on our Etsy shop.

This year’s adoptees are:

One Eye: followed since 2012, One Eye helps us to know how adult slow lorises adapt to life in a forest converted by humans to agriculture. This information is vital for long-term habitat protection and reforestation. Supporting her also helps our important reforestation and tree nursery programmes, and education with local adults.

Flower: Flower, or Bunga in Bahasa Indonesian, is the son of our famous loris Speedy, or Tereh. Following him helps us to understand how baby lorises grow up,; understanding how babies leave home will help to inform reintroduction programmes. Supporting him also helps in our local conservation education programmes with children.

Lia: Lia shows the example of how our education and outreach has swept over the area where we work. Rescued from illegal trade, Lia was brought for rehabilitation at our partner rescue centre before going home to the wild. Supporting her also helps in our important illegal wildlife trade work.


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