Little Fireface Project’s S.L.O.W.


I first became aware of the Little Fireface Project (LFP) after watching a harrowing BBC documentary by LFP’s founder and eminent conservationist Dr Anna Nekaris called ‘Jungle Gremlins of Java’. This powerful and emotive documentary exposed the illegal trading of lorises and other creatures. This affected me so greatly (we have in our collection slow loris, pygmy slow loris and slender loris) that I had no other option than to ask our Director here at Shaldon Wildlife Trust if we could do something to help. We have been supporting the project ever since!

To celebrate raising awareness for the enigmatic, endangered slow loris we have lots of events planned.

Tereh, the Little Fireface Project’s slow loris mascot will be at a special event on Sunday 23rd. We were honoured to be asked to host a film premiere launch of Little Fireface Project’s award winning new film “The Plight of the Javan Slow Loris” by Spires Media, to end the illegal trafficking of the critically endangered Javan slow loris. This will be screened here in Shaldon (in the scout hut) and also in Java! Everyone is welcome.

There will be a guest speaker who will also hold an auction of original paintings of Slow loris from an artist in Java, and our Director, Nic Dunn will give an update on the work of EAZA’s (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) Prosimian group. LFP merchandise will be on sale and light refreshments will be available.

Tereh will also be bag packing at Teignmouth Morrisons on Tuesday 25th, beach cleaning with the Beavers, joining in with Shaldon Botanical Gardens Halloween event on Saturday 29th, on the Shaldon to Teignmouth Ferry and even up a tree to get some yummy gum!

I have asked people to email me on, visit our website or phone 01626 872234 for more details and free ticket, the event ends with an evening visit to the zoo to see our amazing nocturnal creatures!

Throughout the half term S.L.O.W. (22nd – 29th October) visitors to the zoo can:

Feed the meerkats for £1 a pot (to go to LFP), enter a competition to write a poem about lorises to put on our loris ‘Poetree ‘to win a loris adoption, which includes an annual membership to the zoo! As a special offer if they say ‘slow’ at our entrance desk a free child entrance for every full paying adult will be given.

The Little Fireface Project works hard to save the slow loris from extinction through ecology, education and empowerment, raising awareness of the plight of the slow loris via field studies of wild lorises, conservation education, law enforcement training and information sharing.

Each year the LFP holds a S.L.O.W. (Slow Loris Outreach Week) and we have always tried to support this as best we could, being only a very small charity ourselves we found this a little difficult during school term times so a half term date was agreed. We really hope that this year we will be able to raise a huge amount of awareness and funds for this vitally essential project!