Javan Slow Loris Amongst 25 Most Endangered Primates on Earth


On the 15th of October Conservation International’s Primate Specialist Group released this press release announcing the most endangered 25 primates in the world, a quarter of which were lemurs, close relatives to the loris. The Javan slow loris was included on this  list for the third time. Despite the attention this list brings, the Indonesian government has still not been able to cease the persistent, open and illegal trade that is driving the Javan slow loris to extinction.

On the last list, Prof Anna Nekaris and a group of colleagues working in wildlife trade, conservation field work, reintroductions, animal welfare and ecological niche modelling cite the reasons for the loris’ demise as naturally low densities in protected areas, combined with both targeted and untargeted hunting for the pet trade, lack of enforcement of trade and lack of policing of protected areas.

Let’s hope that third time is lucky and the that the attention this list is meant to bring will bring much-needed conservation help to the charismatic Javan slow loris.

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