Frontier Earth and the Jungle Gremlins

Java’s jungle gremlins will feature as second in the series of Animal Planet’s landmark series Frontier Earth Presented by Walmart, with series presenter, carnivore expert Dave Salmoni.We will live tweet during the film, #frontierearth, #junglegremlin, #slowloris.

If you were inspired by what you saw in the film, and want to do more, please visit our Help the Loris pages, donate to our project from North America via the fantastic International Primate Protection League, or directly to our UK-based slow loris fund,  visit the slow lorises at one of the zoos in North America supporting the Little Fireface Project and Anna’s work – these are Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Columbus Zoo, and the Brookfield Zoo, sign our petition to help close down the markets you saw in the film, join us on Facebook, or @queenfireface on Twitter. Please help us to save Asia’s Jungle Gremlins!


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