Final Thermal Thursday

Hi everyone, this post is the last one for this thermal Thursday study. This is why this week I will show you picture of lorises but also other animals seen on the forest with the camera during the last 2 months.

We manage to have a cool video of a bat flying from a tree and it is pretty awesome with the thermal camera.

We also saw a lots of Javan kingfisher during our survey; here is the difference between the thermal imaging and a normal picture.

A kingfisher seen through a normal camera and through the thermal camera.

We spotted few birds sleeping in trees during the survey and here is one picture with tree of them in a coffee tree. These 3 birds where always in the same place during each visits.

Birds Tree
Birds in a tree seen through the thermal camera.

Before I left I also had the chance to follow everyone for a capture to change the collars of some lorises. Here is the thermal image of Ena handled by Dendi. It is interesting to see that the loris is really dark and cold on this image. This may be due to the fact that the hands of the tracker are hotter than the loris and their fur is stopping the heat of their body. But at night they are easy to find in trees, as they are the ones hotter than the trees.

Loris Capture
Captured loris through the thermal camera.

We also manage to saw few owls and squirrel but did not manage to get a proper picture. We also saw a lots or rats and mouse running around and have few nice video that we can share later on as they are interesting too. Few civets, leopard cat and even a banded linsang crossed our path but too fast for us to record anything.

It was an amazing survey and I am sure more amazing thermal stories will follow as the camera is going to be used for few project at the field site.

I hope you enjoyed all these Thermal Thursday as I did and keep on following LFP and more lorises adventures!!!!

  • Priscillia Miard, LFP Researcher


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