Dr Anna Nekaris: Saving the world’s cutest animal

Posted on 19/01/2012

It’s cute.   It’s cuddly.  And it’s the world’s only poisonous primate.  Dr Anna Nekaris on the slow loris.  And how you can help save it.  Peter Moore

Dr Anna Nekaris has dedicated her life to studying the slow loris, a real-life gremlin that is extremely cute but with a venom that can kill.  Now it’s also a YouTube superstar with millions of hits, fueling an illicit trade in the animals as pets.

In the The Jungle Gremlins of Java, a BBC programme, aired on January 25, Dr Anna Nekaris travels to the jungles of Java to solve the riddle of its toxic bite.  She talks to Peter Moore about lorises and the dangers they are facing.

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Nigel Redman on 25/01/2012 at 21:11 said

I’m an ornithologist and have seen Slow Loris at an easily accessible location in west Java.  Please contact me if you require further information,


Ashley Wheat on 25/01/2012 at 23:22 said

After watching your programme the BBC  on the slow loris I feel truly inspired by your work and passion to help save this most wonderful, interesting and fascinating creature.

Following your comments that he slow loris could soon be extinct because of human exploitation and the illegal pet trade, I would like to ask how I can help in a campaign to save them, and secondly if I could offer advice to you in my area of expertise; multimedia computing, in helping you raise awareness.

Annalisa Fiorentino on 27/01/2012 at 16:04 said

Hey – I’m trying to start an official Facebook page based on your project.  Just wondering whether you already have one?  No point duplicating effort!

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