Creative at Nature Club

Sharon’s experience at the LFP Nature Club

Play dough loris

I have learned that the children of Cipaganti are wonderfully creative. Give them blank paper and some coloured pencils and they are sincerely happy drawing scenes from their everyday lives; the mountains, ponds, their families and homes.

Coming from Australia and with a background in children’s environmental education, I was excited to assist Little Fireface Project’s ‘Nature Club’. ‘

Nature Club’ is a weekly fun group session for any children of Cipaganti to join. They learn about animals, the environment, habitat protection and the world around them.

I decided for my second week assisting with ‘Nature Club’, I would make some simple play-dough in several colours. It was easy and cheap to make and I was sure it would be a hit. We placed the play-dough on the floor and waited… “Apa ini?” one small girl asked. “What is this?” It occurred to me that many of the children here had never even heard of play-dough. When they touched it, their faces lit up! This gooey stuff was fun!

In the play-dough session we encouraged children to make whatever they liked on an A4 sheet of white paper. Little by little, once their confidence grew, fabulous three dimensional masterpieces were coming together. The boys were making lizards, fish and turtles (including a teenage mutant ninja one!).

Play dough

Girls favoured making cakes, flowers, trees and of course, a loris. Working with this ‘new stuff’ brought out a whole new creativity and a whole new conversation piece between them.

The “Masterpiece in Play-dough” session saw the children spend almost two hours working on their sculptures. They were so excited that they could take their art work home to show their parents and I found it amusing to watch 28 very determined children walking down a stony street trying to keep their pictures intact and perfectly balanced. I’m pleased to say … all made it home in one piece.

Some simple play-dough saw some very clever children make some very beautiful art.

Needless to say, play-dough is on the “Cipaganti’s Most Wanted” list.

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