Conservation awards for online awareness and global music action!


Thursday’s conservation awards show how lorises can be brought to the attention of the public in totally different ways!


Conservation Awareness: iJustine

Many months ago YouTube celebrity and comedienne iJustine, like millions of others, saw the ‘cute’ tickling slow loris video. We asked her to watch ‘tickling slow loris the truth‘ instead and help us to spread the word about the cruel wildlife trade. No one knows the power of the internet like iJustine and within one day 1000 more people knew about the loris’ plight! Thanks SO much to iJustine! Next step…loris iphone ap??!

Conservation Action : William Goodchild

Anyone who saw the emotional Jungle Gremlins of Java will have felt the ups and downs of the lives of the lorises – from the roller coaster race with Willis, to the spooky scenes with the Kasipoohan, to the sad scenes in the markets…the emotion was emphasised times ten with the fabulous score from composer William Goodchild, whose loris score has now been heard around the globe by millions.

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