Civets are Firefaces Too!!



During our loris surveys sometimes we also have an opportunity to gather data on other nocturnal species. To date, small carnivores, and in particular civets, have not been a subject of intensive study and consequently relatively little is known about these gorgeous animals. Although not considered Endangered on the IUCN Red List, civets are affected by deforestation, hunting, are kept as pets, and in some parts of their range are sadly harvested and kept alive in ‘civet coffee’ farms where their droppings are harvested to produce luxury coffee beans. In our recent paper, you can read about civets that we observed during loris population surveys in Cambodia.

Iseborn, T., Rogers, L. D., Rawson, B., Nekaris, K. A. I. (2012) Sightings of Common Palm Civets Paradoxurus hermaphroditus and of other civet species at Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary and Veun Sai–Siem Pang Conservation Area, Cambodia. Small Carnivore Conservation, 46: 26–29

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