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Posted on 04/03/2012

Thanks so much for the nearly 90 people who turned out to our loris extravaganza in Bristol on Thursday! We meet so many passionate followers, got great ideas for conservation, and recharged our batteries to keep going.  It is amazing the power of the negative to bring us down, so the power of the positive to keep us up must be very strong indeed and I was so heartened to see you all enjoying the loris posters, and for such a wonderful  heartfelt discussion during the roundtable.

Many thanks to Vincent Nijman from TRAFFIC, Brook Aldrich from Wild Futures, and Christopher Schwitzer from the Bristol Zoo  for their participation in the round table.  Please see the links for more information about their organisations.  We will be hosting another fun event this summer at the Bristol Zoo, when they stay open late night! Keep your eyes here!

More news, to follow, but do see our education link for downloads of the bookmarks that were handed out.  Also see the latest videos on which we suggest you leave helpful comments about the illegal nature of the pet trade.

  1. “Slow loris served in a bowl”
  2. “relaxing slow loris
  3. “Funny Lemur scratching Arms up boy! ”

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