Loris adoption

Support the Little Fireface Project by adopting one of our wild lorises or helping with a sick or injured animal that needs care. Your donations pay for aspects such as emergency cages, medicines for sick and injured animals, transport to bring animals to rescue centres, tracker salaries, radio collars, education materials, etc.

This year’s adoptees are:



"Button was named as rather when he first joined the LFP family as an infant, he truly was cute as a button! As we are conducting the first study of wild Javan slow lorises, Button, will show us what happens when lorises leave their parents, how they find mates, how they find wild foods, how and how much they pollinate flowers (and thus their importance to the ecosystem), and how they develop. This will help immensely too with reintroduction programmes, which are notoriously difficult yet so incredibly necessary."



"Already a parent to a rambunctious young one, Alomah represents our adult population and our continued studies into the social organisation of the Javan slow loris. So much is still in need of research, such as how much space do they need to move and feed, what are their group sizes, and why and how are they able to survive in human-modified landscapes?  Alomah is helping us to answer all of these important questions. His fantastic relationship with his son is  helping us to learn more about parental-offspring relationships."



"Cinta is a special and lucky Javan loris! Her name means "love" in Indonesian because she represents the power of love in conservation. She was found on the rooftops of a nearby town, most likely a pet in someone’s home who was able to escape, but then found herself stranded in an urban area. After arriving at LFP, she quickly improved, and with the  appropriate diet, enrichment and environment, she was able to be swiftly released back into her forest home. She has now found her own area in the forest and is flourishing!"

Adoptions last for one year. Your adoption pack will include an Adoption information sheet, a certificate, a A5 photograph, a sticker, subscription to the Little Fireface Project newsletter, and a slow loris plush toy, all for £30.