Accolades to Indian enforcement and rescue teams: pygmy lorises in India doing well!


You may have seen the comments left on our site from Mr Rohit Upadhyaya, terminal manager of IGI Airport, New Delhi, where two pygmy slow lorises were confiscated this week.

He tells me that he has been in touch with Dr Zamil Ahmed, at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre at New Delhi, who administered  first aid to both lorises on 9th Sept and returned them to the Wildlife Dept on 10th. Till then both lorises were well.

They have since been moved to National Zoological Park Hospital at New Delhi where Dr.Manoj is taking care of them, and again they are doing well.

He also writes that Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre at New Delhi is a NGO deeply involved in animal rescue. This organization is also special because it is under personal supervision of our Honorable Lady MP Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. To visit their page, click here.

Lorises are animals extremely susceptible to stress. These two are certainly survivors, and have clearly fallen into kind and capable hands. Chris Shepherd of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia has also commented that Indian law enforcement are regularly on top of these issues. We all can see how easy it would have been for these lorises to go undetected and we again applaud the whole team at IGI for their efforts, and are here for any queries to help with the continued care and maintenance of the lorises.

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