A holiday thank you!

Thank you to all those who have supported the Little Fireface Project in 2012. We simply cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of time at events, beautiful artwork, lovely music, children’s stories, in-kind equipment donations, and  your financial contributions, all which are vital to our project’s success. Perhaps most of all, we are completely touched by the 100s of people who have written expressing their concern about the plight of the loris, and their genuine good wishes to our tiny team. We are so sorry we may not have been able to answer every email. But we appreciate every one, and your kind words give us energy that nothing else can. To know that there are now not just one or two or even ten, but thousands!!! of people out there who care and LOVE the loris and who are passionate to help us save them is more than we ever could have hoped for. It really is our dream that no animal should suffer at the cruel hands of the wildlife trade, and if our charming little lorises can somehow be the ones that can capture the heart of the world, with their innocence, we are empowered to continue the fight.

Thanks to all of those who joined our fledgling loris adoption scheme in 2012. We will take some stunning pictures for you to see the lovely ways that small amount of money can make a huge difference to such a small project, where every penny counts. We hope you will be pleased! Please see our adoption board below; a painted version will hang in our field station in Java, updated about once a month. If you intended to adopt your loris for someone else, or if we have accidentally missed out or misspelled your name, or if you would simply like your name removed, do let us know.

Happy 2013! Not just slow loris week – the year of the loris!


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