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It’s been another highly successful year for Slow Loris Outreach Week (S.L.O.W.)! Over the last week, over a dozen organisations and even more people have put in extra effort to show the world why the slow loris is so special – and why it needs to be protected. From social media to fundraising, it was an action-packed week and we’d like to say a very warm thank you from everyone at LFP to those that helped spread the loris love!

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The children at Nature Club in Java wish everyone a very happy S.L.O.W.!

Here in Java we worked hard to get the loris better known among the local people. We organised the Loris Love Festival earlier in August, and Tereh joined us in Garut to give out flyers and stickers! The children in Nature Club worked hard on loris-related crafts, and we took Forest Protector to a new school, where some of the children had never even heard of a loris! Lastly, the team shared their experiences on working with lorises and, once again, showed their dedication and hard work for these amazing animals.


Dierenpark Amersfoort gave away goodies for the best finish to the sentence: “I don’t want the loris to go extinct, because…”

Things were pretty busy in Europe, too! Prof Anna and her UK team, including Tereh, went all over London and Oxford to promote the loris. Anna gave a talk to an intrigued crowd at the Oxfordshire Mammal Group, whereas Lush kindly allowed us to raise funds at the opening of their new store, which was a great evening and very successful! In the Netherlands, Dierenpark Amersfoort shared the loris love by organising competitions, giving away “zookeeper days” and loris-related goodies.

Social media is a powerful tool, and we once again were reminded of this during SLOW. We organised a photo competition and spread extra loris love via Facebook, Twitter, and our brand new Instagram. Other organisations showed their support via social media, too. Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, Dierenpark Amersfoort, Asociación Primatológica Española, Peppermint Narwhal Creative, Primate Society of Great Britain, and Shaldon Wildlife Trust all advertised S.L.O.W. on their websites and social media. This has increased our reach tremendously!


These cute plushies have already gone on sale in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and will be available in Europe soon!

Lastly, many of these organisations also helped us raise extra funds for the project. These funds are incredibly important for us to be able to do our work and keep the lorises wild and free. So a last very big thank you to Dierenpark Amersfoort, Lush, Adventurelogue, Disney Conservation Fund, Healing Lotus Designs, and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for their support.

We hope you enjoyed S.L.O.W. 2015 and will join us again in 2016. Until then, follow us on Instagram (@littlefireface) for unique insights into our Javan life, and stay tuned on Facebook!

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