About our Programme

  • Conservation Education

Conservation education is central to The Little Fireface Project. In this section, you will find links to teachers’ packs we have made, those we love, and those we hope to adapt for our future programmes. Please check the drop down menu!

Connecting classrooms

In 2011 MSc student Julie Tough piloted our Conservation Classrooms programme with UK classrooms. Now, Educations Through Expeditions Ambassador Charlotte Young is connecting classrooms in the village where we work, Cipaganti, to those all over the world! Students will exchange conservation perceptions across cultures not only on the illegal pet trade, but broader global conservation ideas, and simply how they view nature in their own backyard.


Junior Reporters’ Club

Two ‘junior reporters’ will be chosen at our study site near Garut, Java to film all important conservation events over the next 18 months of our project. They will be taught basic film editing skills, and these short films will be uploaded in Bahasa Indonesian with English subtitles to enhance loris conservation in Indonesia, but also for European viewers to enjoy and observe the progress of the project.  They will also take one photo per day, and these will be featured via our Instagram account.

2 thoughts on “About our Programme

  1. The work you are doing is inspiring, it’s great to find people who are also passionate about these beautiful animals. One day I hope to make a donation that will be large enough to help this amazing species!

  2. hi the work you people are doing is amazing it’s actually inspired me for one of my course work pieces for my animal management keep up the good work

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