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Conservation education is central to The Little Fireface Project. In this section, you will find links to teachers’ packs we have made, those we love, and those we hope to adapt for our future programmes. Consider purchasing our book Slow Loris Forest Protector, with all proceeds going back to our education projects. We encourage you to use our education  pack and other materials and provide feedback on success and ways we can improve them. We also encourage users to upload their photos to Facebook and videos to Little Fireface Project YouTube Channel.

  • The Sad Masked Monkey Comic

Masked monkeys Comic page 1 Masked monkeys Comic page 2 Masked monkeys Comic page 3

  • Throw away your rubbish and keep the nocturnal animals safe mazeCCF21052014_00000


Connecting classrooms

Since 2011 LFP has been connecting classrooms. Now, Educations Through Expeditions Ambassador Charlotte Young is connecting classrooms from Cipaganti Java, to schools all over the world! Students exchange conservation perceptions across cultures and simply how they view nature in their own backyard.

Contact volunteer@littlefireface.org if you want to connect your classroom with children in Cipaganti!

Junior Reporters’ Club

Two Cipaganti children serve as ‘junior reporters’ each month. They are taught basic film editing skills, and their films are uploaded to LFP YouTube channel.  Their adorable photos are featured via our Instagram account.

For more information on the illustrator of our book, visit Shelley Low’s web site.


2 thoughts on “About our Programme

  1. The work you are doing is inspiring, it’s great to find people who are also passionate about these beautiful animals. One day I hope to make a donation that will be large enough to help this amazing species!

  2. hi the work you people are doing is amazing it’s actually inspired me for one of my course work pieces for my animal management keep up the good work

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